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The media business is becoming increasingly digital

Digital and mobile versions
The digital outputs of all products are regularly upgraded so as to meet consumer expectations and to be easy to use. During the year, several upgrades were made across the Group: Ekspress Meedia revamped the design and upgraded iOS applications, Õhtuleht Kirjastus implemented several design innovations for the portal and digital magazines, Delfi Lithuania as a whole revamped its visual identity. Delfi upgraded its product Plus and launched a vertical for sports and financial topics. In addition to single subscriptions of digital articles and subscriptions of separate periodicals, media products are increasingly sold as an integrated online access package where one package gives access to several users.
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Video and TV shows
Ekspress Meedia consolidated all events that have taken place or will take place into the portal Delfi Elamus. During the year, the following programmes reached thousands of viewers: children’s song concert based on the works of Arvo Pärt and the concert “Südaöine” (Midnight) based on the music of Erki Pärnoja, Baltic e-Commerce Forum 2020, Eesti Ekspress conference “Kuidas tõsta ettevõtte väärtust?“ (How to Increase Company Value), the concert to draw attention to violence against women “Maarja missa“(Maria’s Mass Liturgy) with Maria Faust and the festival for the elderly organised by Maaleht in Tartu. Delfi Lithuania that took a major step forward with the launch of its linear television channel in collaboration with Telia in 2019, celebrated its 20 years in business by offering a free-to-all Lithuania-wide TV station in 2020. During one season, Delfi TV will show more than 50 programmes and more than six hours of live daily broadcasts. Video content is increasingly important to the users of Delfi; in the Lithuania market, Delfi has already proven itself by being the most watched online television. Delfi Latvia broadcast several online events to hundreds of thousands of viewers. The most ambitious one was the opinion festival LAMPA where 45 debates, some of which were broadcast from Delfi TV studio, were held for 117 000 real time viewers.
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Podcasts and video podcasts
Podcasts that made a strong entry in the market in 2019 continued to be a success in 2020. Delfi with more than 50 programme formats is the market leader in the podcast field in Estonia. During the corona crisis, video podcasts also became popular, by today Delfi has permanently moved some of its podcasts to a video format. Delfi’s professional journalists and carefully selected cooperation partners host these programmes. As many topics as possible are covered in order to provide the best content to our readers and listeners. Delfi’s most popular programme “Erisaade” was listened to more than 152 000 times. Delfi Tasku podcasts can be listened to in all major applications, such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Google podcasts, Castbox, etc.
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In the development of the Delfi platform, we have set consumer expectations as our top priority. It means that from the technical point of view, our platform needs to be more flexible than before. The value lies in our ability to internally speed up necessary changes. The media business is fast, if we deal with consumer desires tomorrow, the end result would be lost subscriptions.
– Kaspar Hanni Development Director of Ekspress Grupp


The number of digital subscriptions of Ekspress Grupp increased by 73% in the Baltic States in 2020.
In Latvia, the number of digital subscriptions increased by almost 2.5 times in a year and totalled 11 143 at the year-end 2020.
In Lithuania, the number of digital subscriptions was 6595 at the year-end, increasing by almost 7.0 times in a year.
The market share of Ekspress Grupp in the digital subscriptions of all Estonian media publications was 50% at the end of December 2020.
Digital revenue of the Group accounted for almost 49% of revenue.
The number of paid digital subscriptions of Ekspress Meedia increased by 53% in a year and totalled 49 696, the growth of Õhtuleht Kirjastus was 36% and there were 13 820 subscriptions.
In 2020, we made a huge leap forward in the growth of digital subscribers and digital products. The growth of subscriptions has been the highest in Estonia due to the most advanced products here. Growth rates have been higher in Latvia and Lithuania. We promote an attitude that each educated person should have a digital subscription of at least one media house where all the necessary information can be found. Stating that should be a matter of pride.
- Mari-Liis Rüütsalu, CEO of Ekspress Grupp
Ekspress Grupp Annual Report