About Ekspress Grupp

Leading media group in the Baltic States

AS Ekspress Grupp is the leading media group in the Baltic States. We provide a high-quality and independent overview of social processes to everybody through online media, and newspaper, magazine and book publishing. We focus on the development of digital media solutions and complementary digital services.


Our customers are media content consumers (retail and business customers), advertising buyers and other organisation that purchase the services of our companies.

Key activities the creation of journalistic content, editing of news portals, publishing of newspapers, magazines and books all over the Baltics.
Digital business development: the share of digital revenue is constantly rising, made up 71% of media segment revenue and 49% of Group's total turnover.
We provide printing services to Estonian and foreign customers, as well as to all of our own periodicals.
The operation of real estate portal in Estonia.
Organiser of entertainment and other events.
The key activities are supported by information technology development, audio-visual production solutions, renting of advertising space, home delivery of paper periodicals.
Operating the electronic ticket platform and box offices in Latvia.

Our companies and brands

We are the leading media group in the Baltic States whose activities primarily cover online content creation, newspapers, magazines and book publishing and provision of printing services.

Always high-quality and independent.

Our businesses

AS Ekspress Meedia
Ekspress Meedia manages Estonia's most versatile and readable online portal Delfi with more than 600,000 weekly readers. Ekspress Meedia also publishes the flagships of newspapers (Eesti Ekspress, Eesti Päevaleht, Maaleht) and magazines (Maakodu, Eesti Naine, Tervis +, Oma Maitse, Anne & Stiil, Pere & Kodu, Kroonika) in Estonian media landscape.
A/S Delfi
Delfi Latvia has been recognised as the most trustworthy and most beloved news media brand in Latvia, with more than 800 thousand monthly users DELFI is a leading news media channel in Latvia, in both languages - Latvian and Russian.
Delfi UAB
Delfi Lithuania has almost 1.4 million monthly users and more than 700 thousand daily real users.
SIA Biļešu Paradīze
Biļešu Paradīze operates the electronic ticket platform (bilesuparadize.lv) and box offices to organise the sale of tickets to various entertainment events on behalf of event organisers. The company has provided online ticket distribution for more than 15 years and is one of the two leading ticket service providers in Latvia.
AS Õhtuleht Kirjastus
Õhtuleht Kirjastus publishes Estonia’s largest daily newspaper Õhtuleht, free newspaper Linnaleht and news and entertainment portals with over 440,000 monthly users. On 1 June 2018, it merged with Ajakirjade Kirjastus and more than 10 magazines were transferred to it. At the end of 2019, Õhtuleht Kirjastus bought the magazines Tiiu and Eesti Ajalugu. Õhtuleht Kirjastus has a total of over 120,000 subscriptions. In 2020, the Bonnier Prize was awarded to Õhtuleht, the highest award for investigative journalism.
Adnet Media UAB
Adnet Media is the largest online advertising network in the Baltic States that offers modern programmatic advertising, audience and campaign optimisation.
SIA Altero
Altero is a leading financial comparison platform in the Baltics. Altero started its operations in Latvia in 2016, in Lithuania in 2019 and in Estonia in 2020. More than 100,000 Altero clients have compared financial offers for consumer loans, car loans and other products since the launch in June 2016.
Babahh Media OÜ
Babahh Media provides a full range of professional video production, real-time and recorded video streaming, automation and video archive solutions.
Kinnisvarakeskkond OÜ
Kinnisvarakeskkond develops a modern real estate portal Kinnisvara24.ee in co-operation with local real estate agencies and it has over 23 thousand advertisements.
Linna Ekraanid OÜ
Linna Ekraanid is a fast-growing outdoor media company that builds and operates well-positioned digital outdoor screens in several cities across Estonia.
D Screens SIA
D Screens is a fast-growing outdoor media company that builds and operates well-positioned digital outdoor screens in several locations across Latvia.
OÜ Hea Lugu
Hea Lugu is a book publishing company. Hea Lugu publishes both original and translated fiction, history books, autobiographies and memoires, books for children, reference books and practical handbooks. Hea Lugu operates trademarks Maailm ja Mõnda, 100 Rooga, Õhtuõpik, Eesti Ekspressi Raamat, Eesti Päevalehe Raamat, Maalehe Raamat and Raamat24. Books are also published in e- and audio formats.
AS Printall
One of the most modern printing companies in the Baltic States, Printall prints the majority of periodicals and advertising materials in Estonia. It also exports many of its products abroad.
AS Express Post
Express Post is currently the only early-morning newspaper delivery company in Estonia that is also engaged in direct mail and home delivery of letters.
Strategy and business goals


To serve democracy

Our goals

  • Produce award-winning content, appreciated by our readers and media experts alike
  • Be leading digital publisher in Baltics (in terms of user time spent and number of real users)
  • Maintain our quality paper-based media products for the audiences who value this format
  • Increase the value of the company for our shareholders

Group strategy

Ekspress Grupp continues focusing on the organic growth of the existing digital business as well as finding opportunities to increase its business volumes through acquisitions. In addition to the development of the digital media segment, printed media as well as the quality and cost-efficiency of printing services are also vital for the Group.

The Group’s goal is to increase the company’s value by creating a synergy between the new businesses acquired and current media operations.
Why invest in Ekspress Grupp?

For investors

Ekspress Grupp creates shareholder value by applying a strategy whose aim is to increase the profits in the digital media and service business. The secret to our success lies in the true comprehension of the future needs of our customers and daily provision of various services for this purpose. We lay emphasis on the cost-effective business model and technology-based product development, supported by our entrepreneurial and cooperative people who are part of our organisation.

Why invest in Ekspress Grupp?

For investors